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    • The LordNox Partecipante
      14 dicembre 2016 alle 18:24 #73

      Hi! Congratulations for the project. I love this kind of games and Star Shift looks promising.
      Can I ask questions about the game?

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    • WILEz Amministratore del forum
      14 dicembre 2016 alle 18:36 #76

      Well, of course. That’s what we do. 😉

    • The LordNox Partecipante
      14 dicembre 2016 alle 18:56 #78

      I have a lot of questions! 😉
      For example: How will market be addressed in the game?

    • WILEz Amministratore del forum
      14 dicembre 2016 alle 19:21 #79

      (sorry if I make a few English mistakes, is not my native language 😉 )

      The player has a “warehouse” within its mother station. He can buy and sell any object found in space or in the market. The warehouse is in common with each vessel in possession of the player and will it run at will.
      Each object has a standard price but the prices will never be completely fixed because the market will have ups and downs.
      The player must earn credits sought after knocking down wanted enemies or completing missions for the first earnings.
      You can pick up loose or abandoned items in the space, for resale to the market or keep them for themselves.
      There are useful items for your ship, raw materials, ornaments or simple exchange objects .
      Each object is unique. For example, if an object is damaged, it will remain so, even if you will sell. There are not instantiated objects at the moment. The items have a “life of its own” and can be sold or bought back at any time. But they can also be bought from some NPG!

      There are different ideas yet to even consider the aspect of the economy of the game. Many features are still to be included in the game, including a variable and truthful economic system. 😉

    • The LordNox Partecipante
      14 dicembre 2016 alle 22:40 #80

      Thanks for the reply. 🙂
      But there will be a market online?
      Another question: what kind of weapons will there be?

    • kouguaro Partecipante
      14 dicembre 2016 alle 22:45 #81

      Will be playable online?

      • WILEz Amministratore del forum
        15 dicembre 2016 alle 1:35 #84

        Star Shift is a single-player game.
        If we reach the goal of kickstarter we will implement an online ranking of the best pilots. A ranking with the best kills which will be updated every month and a global ranking of the best pilots of the whole universe.

        There are four large towers families (purchasable and detachable over the various fire groups)
        – “Laser towers” type. Firing cadenced laser pulses .
        – “Beam towers” type. Linear perpetual energy laser .
        – “Pusar towers” type. Similar to the lasers turrets lasers but as photon torpedoes, with a very low firerate.
        – “Machine-gun towers” type. Firing bursts of bullets .


        These four types of turrets it will also to differentiate their rotation capacity.
        There are 3 families of turrets which differ in their rotation capacity. Each weapon has its specific ability to rotate.
        – Totally adjustable. Torrette that follow the player’s eyes.
        – Fixed turrets . Always point in front of the ship, at the midpoint of the HUD, without following the rotation of the driver’s head.
        – Autolock turrets. It not follow the player’s eyes but will automatically be adjusted to the locked target but with limited rotation, only if the target is inside the HUD front circle.

        The towers also differ in firepower (of course) and their resistance to high temperatures. You can purchase items that improve the cooling system of weapons by improving its efficiency.
        Each type of weapon has its hull penetration force that differentiates by the shields disintegration force. Therefore some weapons will be more effective against their shields and others against the hull.
        The combination of these features will make available hundreds of different weapons.

        Then of course there are all sorts of missiles, mines, probes, baits and a lot of launchable items. But that’s another story …. 😉


        There have been changes in the weapons management .
        Now any turret can rotate. It depends from the slot on which a turret is mounted.

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    • The LordNox Partecipante
      16 dicembre 2016 alle 9:17 #88

      It all seems very interesting!
      Also compliments for the site, really nice.

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