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      Plasma is considered the fourth state of matter. The three other states are solid, liquid, and gas. Plasma is a cloud of protons, neutrons and electrons where all the electrons have come loose from their respective molecules and atoms, giving the plasma the ability to act as a whole rather than as a bunch of atoms. A plasma is more like a gas than any of the other states of matter because the atoms are not in constant contact with each other, but it behaves differently from a gas. It has what scientists call collective behavior. This means that the plasma can flow like a liquid or it can contain areas that are like clumps of atoms sticking together.

      What else uses plasma?
      Nowadays plasma is being used in many high tech industries. It is used in making many microelectronic or electronic devices such as semiconductors. It can help make features on chips for computers. Plasma is also used in making transmitters for microwaves or high temperature films. It can even be used in work with minerals such as diamond, and in extracting economically valuable metals from rock.

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